3D Printing

3D Printing: Unlock the 3rd Dimension with LSA. Our program gives students basic knowledge about 3D printers, how they work, and the techniques to set up a 3D print. Students will learn how to design and model different basic designs and engage in fun projects like building their own name tags! Students leverage the latest easy-to-use software for the best introduction to one of the most exciting new world technologies. As a bonus, students finish with printing and bringing home their own favourite project. Developing future leaders of tomorrow!

Students will be taught how to search Thingiverse for an existing design to download and print. Children will be allowed to pick from a selection of designs approved by the teacher, such as Low-Poly Pokémon and #3DBenchy. They will use the 3D printer software to translate, rotate, scale, and orient their chosen object on the print bed. Each student will be given a spot on the print bed for their object, to give insight on how to set up multiple objects for printing. Finally, the students will learn about setting infill, shells, supports, rafts, and brims in their print.