3D Printing

3D Printing:

Master the New Dimension provides basic knowledge about 3D printers, how they work and the techniques used to execute a 3D print. Students gain access to Tinkercad, an exciting online 3D printing database with existing designs and concepts. They are able to benefit from the online interface by accessing their drawings anytime and anywhere simply by entering the provided username and password on the website. Students use the 3D printing software to translate, rotate, scale and orient their chosen design on the print bed. Additionally, they will learn about other 3D printing languages, skills and concepts such as setting infill, shells, supports, rafts and brims. Finally, students will be required to collaborate and assist each other in setting up the print bed for multiple designs. Master the New Dimension is suggested for grades 2 – 5.

Co.Ed. Recommended program length: 8 Weeks. Program Frequency, One session per Week.