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Summer Camp 2019 – TFS

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Still Accepting Campers!
Ages: Ages 4-12 Duration: Weekly Next Start Date: Aug 26th Time: 9 AM to 4 PM

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Summer Camp 2019
Camp Policies
3D Printing
Adventure Camp
App Genius - Computer Coding
Code breakers - Intro To Computer Coding
Competitive Swim
Creativity Unleashed
Learn to Bike
Lego ArchiTECH
Lego Robotics
Multi Sports - Classics
Performing Arts
TFS French Camp

Welcome to our Summer camp! The camp features a variety of sports and activities options to choose from: Soccer, Basketball, Dance and Martial Arts, and many many more. Keep your children active, focused, and having fun during the March Break in 2019!

The TAC Advantage:

  • Unique Mix and Match options: Students ages 6 to 12 can choose 1 sport per half day, and 2 sports per week. Students can mix and match their sports and activities and choose to create the fun-filled week they want to create. Students ages 4-5 will be part of our amazing Adventure Camp.
  • Broad Age and Gender Focus: Our camps are perfect for the whole family, offering options for students ages 4-12 and perfect options for both boys and girls!
  • Skill Assessment: Skill level is assessed on the first day and campers are associated accordingly.
  • Knowledge of levels and skills: Students are placed into the appropriate level out of 5 skill levels, as according to our 5 Star Development plan. Students learn what they need to do to achieve the next level of skill.

Program Overview:

  • Dynamic Camp Experience: Our camps focus on fun training and development, mixed with frequent game-play, to create a varied and dynamic week of camp.
  • Life Skills and Confidence: We focus on developing good habits, nurturing a positive sports mentality and building great moral character and leadership.
  • Progress Tracking: Students are tracked on their progress throughout the week through our student handbooks. Students receive a thorough and detailed online progress report at the end of the week.

Camp Package: 

  • TAC T-shirt
  • Progress Report
  • Fun Group Photos


  • TFS Canada’s International School – Bayview Ave and Lawrence Ave
    • Prices:
      • Activity Specific (Ages 6 to 12)
        • $420+ HST (Full Day)
        • $273 (Half Day)
      • Adventure Camp (Ages 4 to 5)
        • $459 + HST (Full Day),
        • $298.35 (Half Day)
    • Available Activities:
      • Swimming (AM/PM/Full Day) + $50 + HST
      • Soccer (AM/PM/Full Day)
      • Tennis (AM/PM/Full Day)
      • Basketball (AM/PM/Full Day)
      • Dance (AM)
      • Gymnastics (PM)
      • Multi-sports (Soccer, Basketball, Tennis) (AM/PM/Full Day)
      • Learn to Bike (AM) (Ages 3.5-10) -$50 + HST
      • LSA Performing Arts (AM)
      • LSA Lego ArchiTECH (AM / PM / Full Day) + $50 + HST
      • LSA Lego Robotics (AM / PM / Full Day) + $50 + HST
      • LSA Code Breaker: Intro to Software Coding (AM) + $50 + HST
      • LSA App Developer: Advanced Software Coding (AM) + $ 50 + HST
      • LSA 3D Printing PM $50 + HST
      • LSA Creativity Unleashed AM $50 + HST
      • Chess (AM) + $50 + HST
      • Competitive Swim (July 15th, August 12th) (AM/PM/Full Day) + $50 + HST
  • TFS Speciality Camp, August 19th – August 30th
    • Prices:
      • $470 + HST (Full Day)
      • $303.50 + HST (Half Day)
    • Activities Available
      • Swimming PM
      • Lego ArchiTECH AM
      • Lego Robotics AM
      • Learn to Bike AM

Camp Policies


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations that are received 30 days prior to the beginning of the program will be provided a refund less a 10% administrative fee.

Cancellations that are received with less than 30 days of notice prior to the beginning of the program will be provided with a refund less a 50% administrative fee.

Cancellations that are received with less than 3 days of notice prior to the beginning of the program will not be eligible for a refund.


Individual camp days missed for any reason cannot be refunded or credited

In the case of exceptional illness, that results in three consecutive missed days or more, a 50% refund or 100% credit will be provided. A signed doctor’s note must be provided in these circumstances.

*If a cancellation is requested with less then 48 hrs since the time of registration, only the 10% cancellation fee will apply.


Lunch Program

All our camps are peanut free, our caterers are peanut free as well (St. Joseph Morrow Park – Peanut Controlled Kitchen). We are happy cater to any specific allergies and dietary restrictions.

All full day, full week registrants will be included in the lunch program. This provides the camper with a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. **To be eligible for lunch, a full-day camper must be registered for 4 days or more. Registrations of three days or less per week will not be provided with lunch. Registrants of this nature will still receive a snack.

Half day registrants will receive one snack.

It is highly recommended that extra snacks are packed.

Any last minute registrations (registrations done 72 Hrs prior to the start of the week of camp) that require an alternative meal (Dietary restriction or Allergy), although we will try our very best to accommodate this meal, cannot be guaranteed.

Any registrations that previously were not eligible for a meal (Registrations with 3 days or less per week) that add an additional day to camp cannot be guaranteed a lunch.


Prorated Fees

Drop-in registrants, who are going to attend less than 5 days per week, are eligible for pro-rated pricing on premium programs (biking and robotics) and before/after care. If required, please call the office at 416-627-1092.


Discounts and Coupons

TAC Sports is very happy to offer many different types of discounts and coupons to the community. Multiple week discounts will be applied automatically to the invoice, as well as the sibling discount for the second child, third, and so forth registered.

**The multiple week discount and sibling discount will not be applied to any drop-in sessions, only to full session registrations.**

Coupons are a one time use ONLY and cannot be applied multiple times per account. If the same coupon is found to be used multiple times TAC Sports holds the right to invoice the account owner for the amount of the extra coupons.


Changing Sports Policy

Children who do not choose a sport during registration will automatically be added to multisport.

Athletes can choose to switch their chosen sport on the second day of camp (subject to availability and capacity). However, campers must remain in their selection for the remainder of the week and are unable to make a change in the sport beyond the second day of camp.


Cancellation of Programs/Sports

Specialized programs and sports require a minimum of 5 students in order to function as designed. If the minimum number of registrations for a specific program is not met, said the program may be cancelled anytime the week before the camp is to start. TAC Sports will provide as much notice as possible about the cancellation of the program, however, this may be on the Friday before the start of the program. A refund for any program with additional fees that have been cancelled will be provided but if requested to cancel the full week of camp the camp cancellation fees will apply.


Bullying Policy

Bullying will not be tolerated at any TAC Sports program. In general, a “three strikes” policy is followed. After the first incident, a coach will address the situation with both the aggressor and victim. During a private meeting with the aggressor, the coach will explain the consequences of bullying. The parents of both parties will be notified. An incident report will be drafted and sent to head office. This procedure is followed should a second incident occur. In addition, the aggressor may be separated from the group or put into a different sport/activity (additional fees for specialized programs will apply). If a third incident should occur, the aggressor will be expelled from camp, not only for the duration of the program but from any other TAC Sports program in the future. Cases of extreme bullying are not subject to the three strike rule. If it is proven that there was intent to seriously harm another child through physical or verbal means the aggressor will face expulsion from camp. His or her parents will be called for immediate pickup (refund for remaining days ONLY will apply).

Please click HERE to find out more about what bullying is.



TAC Sports will not be held accountable for any tickets/parking tickets received.

TAC Sports will provide parking passes for the Glendon location. This parking pass will allow parents and guardians to park in the designated parking lot for 30 mins during pick up and drop off. Until parents receive this parking pass it is highly recommended to purchase a parking stub/feed the parking meter. Do not park in or near the handicap parking spots, unless with the appropriate handicap permit, a $400 parking ticket will be given. TAC sports will not be held accountable for any parking tickets.


Rainy Day Policy

Our coaches and coordinators are equipped with a rainy day schedule in the event of inclement weather. Students will remain in their sport-specific groups. Coaches will adapt their lesson plans for the indoor space.  Each sport will have a designated time slot in the gym which will rotate through each sport, when not in the gym, coaches will have an in-class lesson plan prepared. No refund or credit for rainy days will apply.



Every TAC Sports coach holds a current CPR and First Aid Training certification. All instructors are certified by NCCP (National Certification Program of Canada) and follow safe teaching methods with proper sequential instruction. Our 5 star development levels ensure that students are progressing at a pace that is appropriate for their current ability. All activities are supervised and our low instructor to student ratio ensures maximum attention.


Emergency List

We keep emergency contact information at every location, with records on medical history or allergies. We identify, treat, report and record any occurrence of injury in a systematic way on our written injury sheet and keep up-to-date safety records of each camper.



We require a photo of any child with a history of serious allergy or medical concerns. Please email with a photo of your child. Please ensure the picture includes a clear view of your child’s face. If a child requires an Epi-Pen please ensure to provide the camp coordinator with the Epi-Pen, this will be returned at the end of each day or at the end of the week of camp.


Sign/Out System

At TAC Sports, we have a proven and safe system in place for the sign-out of campers. No camper leaves the premises without a parent or guardian signing them out. Parents are required to show official identification every day upon pickup of their children and have to be on the list.

TAC Sports is not liable for any children until they are signed into our care by the parent or guardian or other authorized person listed on the authorization list.


Lost and Found Items

Each location has its own Lost and Found Bin. All items found by the coordinator and coaches will be placed in this bin. At the end of the camp and items not claimed will be donated to a charitable organization. It is highly recommended that the child’s full name is placed on all personal items.

TAC Sports is not held accountable for any lost items, including but not limited to clothing articles, electronics, water bottles etc.


First Aid Materials

Fully Stocked First Aid Kits and ice packs are available at all times at all camp locations.



Please find a daily summer camp schedule below. Please note that this schedule is a guideline and the timing of events is subject to change.

7:30 AM – 9:00 AM: Before Care Option

8:45 AM: Half Day AM and Full Day Sign-In

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Morning Session

11:50 AM – 12:00 PM: Half Day AM Sign-Out

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Lunch

12:45 PM – 1:00 PM: Half Day PM Sign in

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM: Afternoon Session

4:00 PM – 4:15 PM: Half Day PM and Full-Day Sign-Out

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM: After Care Option

LSA 3D Printing

Lifetime Skills Academy is excited to bring campers the excitement of the next massive technology, 3D Printing. Students engage in dynamic programming that is exciting and informative, learning how to plan, design, and work 3D printers. Students learn how to use TinkerCad, a software that is easy to use and forms a basis for all future development. Become a Design Genius in our 3D printing half-day camps with LSA!

Perfect for students 6-12, Co-Ed.

TAC Adventure Camp – Mult Sports

TAC Adventure Camp is a FULL DAY program (with a HALF DAY option) for ages 4-5.

Every week offers a different theme (i.e. Safari, Atlantis, Superheros and Villains, etc.),  where exciting activities are planned in correspondence to that theme. The weekly activities include activities such as arts and crafts, story time, camp songs, low organizational games (where campers learn fundamental movement skills), and scavenger hunts that are stimulating for young minds, fostering creativity and imagination, and more importantly develops both literacy and physical literacy.

Furthermore, each day features a specific sport that is modified to be developmentally appropriate for this age group, allowing campers to explore soccer, tennis, basketball & dance and decide for themselves what sports they are most passionate about. For more detailed information about this program, please refer to our weekly curriculum plan in the itinerary. All children registered in Adventure Camp must be potty trained.


“Physical literacy is just as important as the ability to read and write. The most important step toward developing physical literacy is mastering fundamental movement skills.”


LSA App Genius – Computer Coding

App Genius is for the more experienced programmers, building on Codebreakers to continue their knowledge in Programming, continuing to learn Python and master programs in Scratch.

Students will have personal projects to start their coding mastery, starting on more advance games and program designs. Students will learn to collaborate on projects and learn how to troubleshoot, re-plan and take a project to completion. Ages 8-12, Co.Ed.

TAC Basketball

Our TAC Basketball camp program is designed for all skill levels; from the introduction of the fundamentals of basketball to the refinement of the most advanced techniques.

Students work on basic techniques such as ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, footwork, positioning, strategy. Students work on skill building, playing games and working on their skills through practice and repetition. Advanced students will learn positioning, strategy, and have specific feedback on improving their fundamental techniques.

We apply the 5-Star TAC Basketball Development System to all of our programs. The 5-Star basketball Development System gives students 5 measurable levels to achieve with specific criteria outlined. This is specifically designed to increase motivation, knowledge retention, goal-setting skills, and development. This is a unique and distinguishing factor of our camps.

Mega Star Learning®
Mega Star Learning® is the form of learning implemented in all of our sports camps. Lesson plans are structured to provide one drill followed by a short segment of gameplay with an emphasis on the skill learned in the drill. This sequence is repeated continuously throughout the day. Mega Star Learning is a perfect mix of skill building and having fun! This strategy maximizes concentration, willingness to learn new skills and retention of the learned material.


Learn the Game of Kings! This program is for everyone, from beginners to more advanced players. Instructors will begin with the rules, game set-up and the fundamental movements of the pieces. They will then progress into tactics, maneuvers, and strategy. Chess instruction benefits everyday life as students learn patience, composure, and quick thinking.

LSA Code Breakers – Intro to Computer Coding

Ensure your children have the most in demand-skill of the 21st Century, computer programming! Our half day camp covers basic programming languages and has students engage in very fun tasks, programming their name, doing simple game design and animations. Students use Scratch, which is an MIT software that helps students understand the basic building blocks of programming. Programming languages introduced include python, the basis for app development and video games. Ages 6-12, Co-Ed.

Welcome to our Adult Tennis Lessons with TAC Sports! Sharpen your game or keep up with your children! Lessons range from beginner lessons to advanced lessons. Our head instructors can help you learn the fundamentals, develop proper attitude towards mature learning, correct strokes and hits, perfect your serve, and work on your singles and doubles strategy. Our program is divided into three main categories.

Beginner – This program is designed for players who have been playing tennis for less than a year and want to improve their fundamentals.  The focus is on consolidating  basic skills as well as developing consistency in all areas. The Tennis Canada “Play Tennis” level of rating for this program is between 2.0 and 2.5. See ratings page.

Intermediate – This program is designed for players who have been playing for over a year.  The focus is on developing an all-round game. Students will learn to use more power, spin and speed in their shots. The Tennis Canada “Play Tennis” level of rating for this program is between 3.0 and 3.5. See ratings page.

Advanced – This program is for adults who have been playing tennis for a number of years and are playing competitively in various leagues or teams. The focus will be placed on tactical situations and point play construction. The Tennis Canada “Play Tennis” level of rating for this program is 4.0 and above. See ratings page.


  • Please bring your own tennis racquet. Tennis racquets are available for purchase online and at location.

LSA – Creativity Unleashed

Creativity Unleashed focuses on unleashing the creative nature inside each camper. Campers will engage in many different mediums of art. They learn how to paint landscapes, portraits and small models. Campers will learn how to draw characters such as superheroes, cartoons, and comic strips. Campers will also bring some of their arts and their designs to technology such as Ipads, learning some elements of graphic design. Perfect for future artists, genius marketers and graphic designers. Co-Ed. Ages 6-12.

TAC Dance – Hip Hop and Jazz

TAC Sports dance combines the fundamental skills and progressions of contemporary dances of hip-hop and jazz. 

The main aspects of each dance are covered. Fun choreographed dances are done with a performance at the end of sessions! Parents can order a copy of the choreographed videos at the end of the session to be delivered by email!

We apply the 5-Star TAC Development System to all of our programs. The 5-Star Dance Development System gives students 5 measurable levels to achieve with specific criteria outlined. This is specifically designed to increase motivation, knowledge retention, goal-setting skills and development. This is a unique and distinguishing factor of our camps.


TAC Gymnastics

Overview & Purpose

Our exciting gymnastics camp program is designed for students to learn and perfect gymnastics skills. During the program, students engage in the fundamental movements of jumping, turning, balancing, floor exercises, posture, and balance. Our 5 Star Development System, which includes a step-by-step system with a full map of skills, is designed to help students understand exactly what skills they need to learn while being motivated to achieve the next level.

Key Areas of Focus 

  1. Log Roll
  2. Two-foot Landing
  3. Balance Bases
  4. Forward Roll
  5. Jump Turn
  6. Swaying Motions
  7. Propulsion
  8. Pushing and Pulling
  9. Balancing (low balance: walk, gallop and slide; high balance beam: walk and jump off)


It is expected that students will:

  1. Demonstrate basic gymnastics skills in a circuit or in simple routines found in standard gymnastics routines;
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of motions that influence propulsion and balance;
  3. Demonstrate care and cooperation during activities;
  4. Regardless of skill, come out with an extremely positive, developed self-confidence and self-image.



TAC Learn To Bike

Our TAC Biking Program is designed for all skill levels, ranging from the fundamentals to more advanced cycling knowledge. This program will focus on developing confidence and technical skills, with an emphasis on promoting road safety. Programming consists of fun and stimulating games in a safe and supervised environment.

Students will develop fundamental skills such as safety, balance, pedaling, braking, steering, and general biking knowledge. The programming serves to build upon the basic principles of cycling in order to cultivate a passion for the sport either in a recreational or competitive manner.

We apply the 5-Star Development system to all of our programs. This system gives students 5 measurable levels to achieve with specific criteria outlined. It is specifically designed to increase motivation, knowledge retention, goal setting skills, and development. This system is unique and distinguishes TAC Sports from other camps.

Equipment needed:

  • Bicycles (Required)
  • Helmets (Required)
  • Elbow Pads (Suggested)
  • Knee Pads (Suggested)


LSA Lego ArchiTECH

The Lifetime Skills Academy (LSA) Lego ArchiTECH Camp program is our intro robotics program. Students work with the We-Do Lego kits and learn how to:

  • Gain intuition on how to build basic simple structures
  • Learn the basics behind programming motors
  • Learn to principles behind ultrasonic sensors
  • Building and understanding robot design with advanced mechanics
  • Develop advanced skills with WeDo programming

Students learn different projects like building cars, helicopters and more, and early programming skills. Students program using easy to use tablets on the Lego We-Do software. It’s a perfect start to the more complex programming in Lego Robotics.

Each day students will be taking part in different themed challenges, from building the most creative robot to robot war competitions to obstacle course challenges.


LSA Lego Robotics

TAC Lego Robotics program allows students to engage in various technological activities that are growing popular in today’s youth. The students enjoy building their robots, as well as programming them. By learning the basics, and building their way up, individuals can achieve mastery and demonstrate competence.

Students start with the basic skills, such as building a simple robot, programming different motions, and using the various sensors to make a robot move. Once learned, students can go above and beyond, making robots that can pick up items, sense when people are near, and even solve Rubik’s Cubes.

Our lunch Program

We have started an amazing and delicious lunch initiative to teach children healthy eating habits and healthy food choices so they can grow into strong athletes. All of the meals are peanut and tree nut free and avoid any artificial preservatives, artificial food colouring, and artificial flavouring and GMO products.

**We cater to specific allergies and diets.**

Below is an example of our summer camp menu from last year, all future camps will have similar menus.


Please note there are no lunch services for the following camps:

  • Holiday Camp – December 24th and 31st ONLY
  • P.A. Day Camps

TAC Multi Sports: Classics

Our Multi-Sport Classic covers the 3 original and classic sports, Soccer, Basketball, and Tennis. These sports combine different elements of footwork, handwork, and combine different strategies in both team and individual sports. Students get the basics of each sport that serve to create a great foundation for future success. Every half day focuses specifically on one of the sports, and the programming is dynamic, focusing on development and fun challenging skill-based games. Perfect for anyone, ages 6-12. Co-Ed.



LSA – Performing Arts

Performance Arts focuses on developing the inner star in each camper. Campers focus on acting and singing, developing a play and following scripts. Campers engage in different techniques and learn how to develop and express different emotions, different scenarios, and elements of comedic timing and improv. The perfect introduction for future actors, entertainers, and stars. No prior experience needed. Co-Ed, Ages 6-12.

TAC Soccer

Our TAC Soccer program is designed for all skill levels; ranging from the fundamentals to the refinement of the most advanced techniques. Programming focuses on individual skills and on increasing children’s self-confidence. Programming consists of fun skill games, soccer matches, and thorough practices.

Students start with basic techniques such as dribbling, passing and shooting, and move towards advanced techniques such as strategy, 1v1 dribbling, and positioning. Further skills are also developed such as (ball control, ball possession, tackling, positional sense, guarding the ball, and support play. Specialized training for goalkeepers is provided at more advanced levels.

We apply the 5-Star TAC Soccer Development System to all of our soccer programs. This system gives students 5 measurable levels to achieve with specific criteria outlined. It is specifically designed to increase motivation, knowledge retention, goal-setting skills, and development. This system is unique and distinguishes TAC Sports from other camps.

Students that progress to an advanced level may be invited to tryout for our competitive soccer teams. 

Mega Star Learning®
Mega Star Learning® is implemented in all of our sports camps. Lesson plans are structured to provide one drill followed by a short segment of gameplay with an emphasis on the skill learned in the drill. This sequence is repeated continuously throughout the day. Mega Star Learning is a perfect mix between skill building and having fun! This strategy maximizes concentration, willingness to learn new skills and retention of the learned material.

TAC Tennis

Tennis is one of the fastest growing individual sports in Canada, with two young stars, Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard, leading the way to inspire our Canadian youth to greater success.

Our TAC Tennis program focuses on developing confidence, mentality, and character. Our tennis program is designed through the guidelines of the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) and the progress levels of the Long-Term-Athlete Development Program in Canada.

All skill levels are welcome. Students learn the fundamental strokes, strategy, footwork and conditioning for the appropriate skill levels. Most instruction is outdoor on full-sized tennis courts. When played indoors, using indoor tennis nets, players hone their precision, accuracy and overall technique.

We apply the 5-Star TAC Tennis Development System to all of our programs. The 5-Star Tennis Development System gives students 5 measurable levels to achieve with specific criteria outlined. This is specifically designed to increase motivation, knowledge retention, goal-setting skills, and development. This is a unique and distinguishing factor of our camps.

Mega Star Learning®
Mega Star Learning® is the form of learning implemented in all of our sports camps. Lesson plans are structured to provide one drill followed by a short segment of gameplay with an emphasis on the skill learned in the drill. This sequence is repeated continuously throughout the day. Mega Star Learning is a perfect mix between skill building and having fun! This strategy maximizes concentration, willingness to learn new skills and retention of the learned material.


Lifetime Skills Academy


Lifetime Skills Academy (LSA) est le programme de premier plan pour enseigner aux étudiants le Leadership, la Technologie, la Finance et les Logiciels!

Les programmes LSA sont approuvés par tous les conseils scolaires et nous sommes fiers de former de futurs leaders du monde technologique à travers nos divers programmes dans de nombreuses écoles de la région du Grand Toronto, afin que tous nos élèves acquièrent l’expérience nécessaire pour Grandir, Apprendre et Diriger.


Programmes et Équipements Uniques

Des programmes tels que la robotique, le codage de logiciel, l’éducation minecraft, la prise de parole en public et les futurs millionnaires fonctionnent avec les équipements et les technologies plus récentes.


Amusement Incroyable pendant L’Apprentissage

Un niveau et un placement par âge appropriés signifie que chaque étudiant est jumelé à un âge et à un niveau de défi idéale pour un plaisir maximal pendant la semaine!


Excellente Attention Individuelle

Notre ratio d’enseignant / élève de 1: 5 garantit à chaque étudiant l’attention qu’il ou elle mérite. Les étudiants reçoivent des commentaires par le biais de remarques verbaux et tactiles.


Compétences de Vie et la Confiance

Notre objectif est d’entretenir et de développer de bonnes habitudes, une attitude sportive positive et une grande moralité chez nos athlètes et nos dirigeants. Chaque programme comporte des éléments de leadership et d’initiative.


Modèle de Développement à 5-Étoiles

Nos étudiants apprennent pas à pas notre modèle unique de chacun de nos programmes. Ils obtiennent une évaluation complète de leur développement, qui stimule leur motivation, leurs connaissances et leur confiance en soi.


Équipes Compétitives de STEM

Les étudiants deviennent membres de l’équipe de robotique LSA et participent à des compétitions toute l’année!



Les programmes LSA sont conçus pour garantir aux étudiants une exposition complète à toutes les nouvelles technologies et aux compétences générales telles que le Leadership, la Confiance en Soi et la Prise de Parole en Public, afin de prospérer dans le monde. Nous créons un environnement positif offrant soutien et motivation. Nos systèmes sont développés par les meilleurs experts en technologie et en psychologie et tous nos instructeurs sont certifiés.


La Robotique Le Leadership et la Prise de Parole en Public Technologie L’Art et la Conception La Finance
Robotiques Légo (Avancée) Le leader accompli: Le Leadership et la Réalisation de Soi Code Breakers: Codage de Logiciel La Créativité Déchaînée Millionaire de Future: la Littératie Financière
Architecte Légo (Débutant) Maîtrisez la Parole Public Maîtrisez la Nouvelle Dimension: l’Impression 3D
Votre Monde, Votre Création: Minecraft pour l’Éducation


Les programmes de LSA sont offerts tout au long de l’année. Nous offrons aux élèves des leçons hebdomadaires dans le cadre de programmes de déjeuners et d’activités parascolaires, même pendant le week-end. Les programmes de LSA sont également disponibles pour les étudiants du secondaire, où les compétences importantes telles que le Leadership et la Parole en Public deviennent un outil essentiel de leur éducation.


L’Équipe Robotique

Venez joindre notre équipe robotique! Lifetime Skills Academy recrute activement des étudiants pour que ses équipes robotiques puissent participer au prochain concours VEXIQ. Les pratiques ont lieu toutes les deux semaines en préparation du prochain concours provincial VEXIQ. Les étudiants achètent leurs propres trousses VEXIQ et travaillent pendant des jours d’entraînement pour construire et programmer des robots. L’horaire et les frais pour la saison 2018-2019 seront publiés le 1er septembre 2018.



«Les entraîneurs sont très expérimentés, compétents et attentionnés. Ils rendent l’apprentissage du jeu tellement amusant. C’est un excellent programme!» – Sandeep (parent), Leçons Hebdomadaires de LSA


TAC Aquatics Swimming

Our aquatics program takes place at TFS – Canada’s International School. The swimming pool is a state of the art pool, just newly refurbished, welcoming, clean and pristine. Students have the chance to take their swimming to the next level by getting 2 hours of instructional swim for a total of 10 hours during the week. Students ages 6-12 will be assessed in part of our swimming programming, in association with the Lifesaving Society. Students will progress week by week through all of the Lifesaving Levels, having the chance to earn official certificates that count towards their future lifeguarding levels.

8 Lessons each week (2 per day)
45 Minutes Each
Class ratio 1 coach to 5 student ratio
Ages 6-12

Assessment – First Day – Sorted into levels based on skill *Students may bring a Lifesaving Society Badge or Red Cross equivalent to their first day at camp

Assessment – Last Day – Pass or continue at the same level (in another week of camp or next program) * Each student is not guaranteed to pass to the next level week by week, but by the assessment on the last day.

6 Swimming Levels, from beginner to advanced, focusing on swimming safety, swimming principals such as entry, proper breathing, swimming underwater, lengths of the front, back crawl, whip kick, breaststroke, and proper kick and arm motions.


Register Online


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