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Creating future leaders in a technological world through programs in Technology, Leadership, and Finance.

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Future Leaders in a Technological World

Learning for Life.

Unique Programs and Equipment

Programs such as Robotics, Software Coding, Educational Minecraft, Public Speaking and Future Millionaires run with the latest equipment and tech.

Incredible fun while Learning

Appropriate level and age placement means every student gets paired at the perfect age and challenge level for maximum fun during the week!

Excellent Individual Attention

Our great 1:5 instructor-to-student ratio ensures that everyone gets the attention they deserve. Students get feedback through verbal and tactile feedback.

Life skills and confidence

We aim to nurture and develop good habits, a positive sports attitude, and great moral character in our athletes and leaders. Each program has elements of leadership and initiative involved.

5 Star Development Model

Students learn step-by-step in our unique model for each of our programs. They get a full map of their own development, boosting motivation, knowledge and confidence.

Competitive STEM teams

Students become part of the LSA robotics team and battle in competitions year round!


Lifetime Skills Academy (LSA) is the premier program for teaching students Leadership, Technology, Finance and Software!