Programs Overview

Lifetime Skills Academy’s (LSA) mission is to develop future leaders ready for our new technological world. Our programs are designed to ensure that students get a full range of exposure to all the new technologies, and the soft skills such as Leadership and Confidence and Public speaking to thrive in the world. We create a positive environment full of support and motivation.  Our systems are developed by the top experts in Technology and Psychology, and all of our coaches are certified.

Lifetime Skills Academy Programs: 

Lego ArchiTECH (Lego Robotics Beginner)

Lego Mindstorm (Lego Robotics Advanced, Robotics Programming, Robot Wars)

Master the new Dimension: 3D Printing (Online modelling, Learning 3D printing)

Code Breakers: Software Coding (Scratch, Programming Languages)

The Successful Leader Leadership and Success (Goal setting, Mind mapping, Life skills)

Future Millionaire ( Financial Literacy, Debit, Credit, Budgeting, Financial Sim Board Games,)

Master Speaker: Public Speaking (Speech Creation, Vocal Delivery, Debating)