The Successful Leader: Leadership and Self-Actualization

The Successful Leader teaches students the principles of modern leadership and self appreciation. We work on promoting each student’s talent and potential and making them aware of their abilities. Students will focus on goal setting, productivity, prioritizing and mind mapping all delivered through fun and engaging activities. The Successful Leader is built around three key principles of learning: active recall, interweaving knowledge and spaced learning. Finally, students are empowered to develop valuable skills and attributes such as responsibility, passion and empathy. They will build confidence, learn to work in teams and how to succeed under pressure. The Successful Leader: Leadership and Self-Actualization is suggested for grades 2 – 5.

Ages 8-12. Co.Ed. Recommended program length: 8 Weeks. Program Frequency, One session per Week.

In our programming classes:

    • Learn the principles of learning and the importance of always improving and learning
    • Learn to be 100% responsible for their own success
    • Understand and find their own life passions
    • Learn positive success habits such as journaling and goal setting
    • Learn social empathy, and the principles of active listening and actively engage in this during class.