Our staff is highly trained and dedicated to transforming the lives of each and every LSA student.

Adib Razavi

Director of Operations

Adib’s passion for leadership and future success is deeply rooted. He comes with an extensive background as a Business student. Adib is also fluent in English and Farsi.

Alexander Arthur

Director of Programming

Alexander’s passion has always been sports, health and physical activity. He graduated from York University with a B.A in Kinesiology and Sports Psychology. He is fluent in English and Italian, and is adept in both Spanish and French. His mission is a commitment to develop students into confident leaders. Alexander is passionate about new technologies and giving young students the opportunity to become experts in these fields.

Tanzim Mashrur

Director of Robotics

Tanzim has a deep passion for all forms of technology and wants to inspire the same within kids. He is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering which has allowed him to become proficient in various STEM fields. His goal is to take all his knowledge and skills and incorporate it into new and innovative STEM programs. He believes everyone holds immense potential within them and they just need the right teacher to bring it out.

Matthew Bugeya

Program Coach

Matthew is currently studying Mechatronics Engineering. He has experience with a wide variety of technologies including Lego Robotics, Arduino, and 3D Printing. Additionally, he has competed in various robotics competitions. Matthew has a passion for teaching people how to use new and exciting technologies. He seeks to inspire his students through learning and technological creation.