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Why Learn to Code

There has been a huge digital revolution in our society in recent years and this trend is not stopping anytime soon. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the demand for software positions will grow by 25 percent. But coding nowadays isn’t just for developers or programmers. In fact, many jobs that didn’t previously require coding now see it as a huge asset. Besides the increasing demand for high paying jobs that use coding, here are 3 more reasons as to why you should learn to code, especially at a young age.


#1 Understand How Our World Works

With our society becoming increasingly automated, software technology is essential in how our world operates on a day to day basis. Learning to code can help us to understand the “how” of it all and expand our worldview. Everyday things we take for granted such as the way our banks operate and how our phones work are what you will gain insight to as a coder. By knowing how these things function, you will be able to become more creative and innovative. Knowing how things work in our world is what’s going to drive your passion and inspire you to create change. 


#2 Improve Problem Solving Skills

Coding helps you to develop strong problem solving skills. In every project you work on, there are going to be challenges and complications that come up. When coding, there will be bugs and errors that pop up which seem to have no solution. Learning to be patient and taking a step by step approach to problem solving will help you to overcome any issues you’re facing. The problem solving skills gained through coding will not only help you in your professional career but also in your personal life. 


#3 Starting Your Own Business

A benefit of coding that often gets overlooked is the autonomy that a skilled coder has. If you are able to come up with an innovative business idea such as a smartphone game you won’t have to hire a programmer to help implement it. Even if your business is not directly related to coding, having the skill will allow you to market your business in innovative ways. Say you are starting a clothing company and want to implement an app to make shopping easier, this will be something that you can develop and have full creative control of yourself.


So why learn to code? Coding is the future and the younger you start the better off you will be. In the same way that children learn languages faster than adults, children are also able to learn programming languages sooner due to the elasticity of their brains. This is not to say that adults can’t learn coding either, but learning new things gets harder as we age. Luckily, we realize the technological shift occurring in society and offer coding classes and STEM camps for youth between the ages of 7-12. Click below to learn more about LSA’s tech programs.

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