how robots will change the world

How Robots Will Change the World

Robots are becoming more advanced as time goes on. So much so that there are real human-like robots being created such as Ameca, the world’s most advanced robotic humanoid. With how far robotic technology has come, what does the future hold and how might it affect modern society? Below are some of the many ways as to how robots will change the world.


Economic Productivity 

Although sci-fi movies depict human-like robots as a threat, the real threat might actually be robot machinery. The ability of robots to perform human tasks more efficiently and at a lower cost makes them viable for businesses in the long run. This will have economic and productivity benefits as the world will be able to produce goods at an even faster rate the more advanced this technology becomes. The downside is that it threatens many manufacturing jobs as humans will continue to be relied upon less in the manufacturing industry. However, it also creates many skilled tech related jobs since people are needed to develop, maintain and repair this machinery. The rise of robots is just one of the many reasons why STEM careers are on the rise.


Space and Deep Water Exploration

There are many places in our solar system and even within our own world that are far too dangerous to send humans to. NASA has already sent many robots to Mars and has plans of broadening its space exploration even further. Even within earth however, there is so much of our world that is uncovered. Oceans hold 96.5 percent of the world’s water and it is estimated that about 80 percent of the oceans have never been mapped, explored or seen by humans. Sending deep sea robots to uncover remote parts of the world will be a great way to learn more about the earth. 


Customer Service

It’s not just manufacturing where robotic technology is taking over. Robots are being used in so many different fields. Although humans are still important for creating a quality customer experience, robots are helping to enhance customer service. There are already AI generated chat bots that take care of concerns that customers may have online prior to speaking to an agent. There are also some companies that are replacing human customer service representatives with robots such as 168 Sushi, where there are cat-themed robots that will come and deliver sushi to you. 



Robots are also being used to assist doctors. Robotic surgery which began in the 1980s has evolved tremendously in recent years and allows doctors to perform complex surgeries that would be difficult for humans to do alone. In a lot of ways, robotic surgery is superior to human surgery since it allows for small incisions and less risk of infection as a result. It is also a less invasive procedure that is free from the risk of human error that comes when surgeons are dealt with the pressure of performing an important surgery.


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