Why Kids Should Learn Robotics

Why Kids Should Learn Robotics

Our robotics programs offer a great opportunity for kids to learn many STEM related skills. It’s an enjoyable and interactive way for kids to receive STEM education. We have programs for kids of different levels where kids are put into teams and assigned with the task of creating robots and running them through challenges. In today’s blog, we are going to go over the reasons why kids should learn robotics.


Fun Introduction to STEM

If you want to introduce your child to the world of STEM and hopefully have them pursue it one day, then Robotics is a great way to do so. For instance, with the programming aspect of robotics, kids will be able to grasp the power of programming once they are able to program their robots to be able to move. They will realize how impactful it can be to educate themselves on STEM when they see their STEM creation in action. Typically, an introduction to the world of programming might be boring and could potentially turn kids away from pursuing it. Robotics allows kids to learn programming and all aspects of STEM in a way that’s fun. Kids are usually more impressionable than adults, so making the right first impression when introducing anything new to a child is important. 


All-Around STEM Learning

Robotics is great for all-around STEM learning. It involves using so many different hard skills such as design, engineering, construction, programming (etc). Kids are required to use so many different concepts and put them all together. The all-around nature of robotics makes it such a great way to not only teach these different skills to kids but to let them decide which one they enjoy the most. That way, children can think about what they might want to specialize in going forward. Some careers such as a career in robotics itself require the intersection of multiple STEM concepts. Learning robotics helps kids get used to the idea of applying different concepts and putting them together. 


Teaches Life Skills

Along with teaching hard skills, robotics also teaches so many different soft skills like problem solving, critical thinking, communication within teams (etc). In robotics, problems might occur such as a robot not moving properly or malfunctioning. Kids will then have to face these problems and work together to find solutions, much like a real work environment. 


Understand the Power of Math/Science

Up until taking a robotics course, kids have likely taken many math and science classes at school. However, it likely hasn’t registered with them as to how these academic concepts have a real-world impact. Robotics allows kids to see how academic concepts that they’ve learned in school can be applied. For instance, one important math concept in robotics is geometry which is needed to determine the movements of the robot and its design. Upon learning how math and science concepts can be practically applied, kids will likely take a greater interest in their math and science courses than they did before.


Register for Robotics and other STEM Programs

Our robotics programs are for kids of all ages. We have Lego Classic and Lego Architect programs for kids ages 4-7 where kids are able to build and design robots in anticipation for when they do more complex programming later on. Our Lego Mindstorm is the full course for kids ages 8-12 where kids get the full package of planning, designing and programming robots along with running them through various challenges. To learn more about our in-school STEM programs, click on the button below.


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