The Benefits of Interactive Learning

The Benefits of Interactive Learning

There are many different ways to learn. People may have the misconception that learning involves note-taking, reading and listening to lectures. Although these things are important, the value of interactive learning cannot be understated. A more active and hands on approach is required for kids over a passive approach in order to get kids engaged in the process of learning. Interactive learning can be having kids solve problems, presenting them with scenarios, having them create things with their hands (etc)..For parents and educators that are trying to improve the way their kids learn, consider the benefits of interactive learning. 


Prevents Distraction

Kids are also more easily distracted than adults because of the way their brains are wired, so interactive methods of learning prevent them from losing focus. Having kids interact helps them to focus their energy on one thing. When attending lectures and learning about things theoretically, it is easy for kids to tune out and focus elsewhere. No matter how smart or disciplined a kid may be, there is always the opportunity to lose focus. When kids are assigned to interact with material in a way that forces them to take action, there is little opportunity for them to get distracted.


Develops Practical Skills

Learning material through lectures and note taking can enhance a child’s knowledge, but they may never learn how those skills will be put to practical use. Having to practically apply knowledge that is learned in the classroom is often an opportunity kids will never be given. By practically applying skills through interactive learning, kids not only learn skills but they learn the importance of what they’re studying. For instance, there are many kids out there that hate math and think it’s useless. If they are never given a chance to apply their math skills, then they may never be able to develop a passion for learning math. By realizing the importance of what they’re learning, kids become more motivated.


Increased Retention

Even when it comes to increasing knowledge, interactive learning might be better than traditional lessons. In fact, a Harvard study found that students retain more information when engaging in active learning. In the study, they had some students participate in active learning while others participated in passive learning throughout the semester. What they found was that the course that had active learning performed better. They were able to retain more information and score higher test scores as a result.


Interactive Learning Courses

At LSA, we offer so many different interactive learning courses for kids within our camps and after school programs. Our most notable one is our Lego Robotics camps. LEGO Robotics is not only a great way for kids to interactively learn but also for kids to be introduced into the world of STEM. Our LEGO Robotics camps are open to everybody within our March Break, Summer Break and PA Day Camps. To learn more about LSA, click on the button below.

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