What Lego Robotics Is

What Lego Robotics Is

At LSA, we have lots of Lego Robotics Camps and in-school Lego Robotics courses. Many kids and parents however aren’t sure exactly what Lego Robotics is. People might not have a great understanding of it and might not realize the joy that they are missing out on. In this blog, we will explain what lego robotics is and give you a clearer understanding.


LEGO Robotics involves the design, construction and programming of lego building blocks using Lego Mindstorm’s hardware and software structure. LEGO Robotics is a fun introduction for kids that want to learn more about the world of STEM. Having experts that will explain and guide kids through the process will help kids enhance their technical knowledge and life skills. Below is an in depth explanation of what’s involved within our LEGO Robotics classes. 


Design & Construction

The first part of lego robotics is designing robots to look and feel the way that you want it to. There are preset designs that you can create by following instructions, and to make original designs requires creativity. Our courses have kids make pre-made designs until they get the hang of it and are comfortable creating their own designs. In some of our courses we have kids compete against each other and go through various challenges. Designing the best and mightiest robot will require kids to think outside the box and develop their creative skills. Designing robots can also teach kids technical skills as it can be very complex. It is not only the lego building blocks, but materials such as the power brick, motors, sensors and more that will have to be considered. After planning the design, kids will then have to assemble their design and put all of the pieces together,



Kids will not only have to design hardware, but software as well. They will get a chance to program their robots to function once the included EV3 brick connects to their computers. Kids will program robots to complete programming challenges and missions included within the LEGO Mindstorm set along with challenges given by instructors. These missions will force them to adopt a technical mindset and will teach them the wonders of programming once they see their robots responding to their code.



Our LEGO Robotics courses have a presentation element attached which teaches kids the art of public speaking. Kids are asked to present their creations to the group and explain their choices. Having to present their robotics creation is much like a real work environment. A software developer for instance has to share code with their team and managers. Lego Robotics in itself teaches so many STEM skills and life skills, but adding a presentation element makes it that much more valuable. 


Register For LEGO Robotics

Now that you understand what lego robotics is, you’re probably really excited to register in our lego robotics camps. We encourage everybody to try it as Lego Robotics doesn’t have a steep learning curve. It allows for some complicated designs and programming while also being simple enough to learn to where anyone can do it! In addition to our Lego Mindstorm programming we have different lego programs for kids of various ages and skill levels!

Our Lego Robotics camps are offered at most of our camps in several locations. Many of our upcoming PA Day and March Break Camps include them. Click below to register for our Lego Robotics Camps and find out more about our in-school Lego Robotics programs.

LEGO Robotics Programs
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