Soft skills that employers look for

Soft Skills That Employers Look For

Our programs place a special emphasis on teaching students practical life skills. We do this because we believe it will give them a more prosperous future and success. Although soft skills aren’t as valued as hard skills are, employers are still looking for individuals that possess the intangibles of a good employee. During interviews, employers not only gauge skills and experience but want to gauge soft skills and how you would behave in a work environment. Below are some of the soft skills that employers look for in interviews. 



Employers want somebody that is able to convey themselves well both verbally and in writing. Communicating to clients is a part of many jobs. Being able to update clients on the work that’s being done and assuring them is necessary. Aside from clients in a client facing or content creation role, you will have to communicate well to those you work with. Communicating effectively to colleagues is what’s going to drive results. Updating your managers or supervisors on the work that you’re doing is also necessary to make sure that they’re in the loop. Good communication is necessary in meetings, reports, emails and more. A company that has good communication as a whole is going to be one that’s productive and has high employee satisfaction. 


Critical Thinking

Employers want you to be able to critically think through situations, which is why they ask you situational and behavioural questions during interviews. They want to see if you’re able to provide insightful answers on the spot and assess how you would react to problems within the workplace. Problem solving is necessary for any job and critical thinking is a big part of that. Critical thinking also means not thinking like a robot and accepting information at face value. It allows you to take context into account when analyzing any given situation and reacting to it. Employers don’t want robots, they want a live human being that’s going to be able to consider multiple perspectives and form their own opinions. 



The reason leadership is important is because leadership is required in any role. You might think that only managers are responsible for being great leaders, but there are a variety of different types of leadership. Even if you are not a manager, you still need to be a leader in your role. You might not be the leader of a project, but you will be assigned responsibility for a certain part of a project. Within that role you need to take proactive leadership and be able to gather everything you need from members of your team. 


Life Skills Academy 

Although there are many other soft skills employers look for, these are the main ones. They want to see that you will be able to communicate well, critically think through situations and be a leader in your role. At LSA, we emphasize teaching kids soft skills that will help them to grow in the future. We teach practical life skills such as financial literacy, but also teach soft skills such as leadership. To learn more about our programs and how we can help kids become better, click on the button below.


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