Art Programs For Kids At LSA

The Benefits Of Art For Kids

Kids love art, drawing whatever is in their minds, finger painting, or drawing with chalk. There’s nothing that brings children more joy than their art. However, the benefits of art go far beyond just entertainment or fun. Studies show that the process of creating art helps support children in all areas of development. Below we will overview the benefits of art for kids and highlight why kids should make art. 

Promotes Self Esteem and Self Expression 

Children perform best when they do not have to worry about what is the right or wrong decision. Art provides that; it allows them to express themselves in whatever way they see fit; it is all about their visions and goals. It will enable the children to trust themselves and communicate their feelings and expressions through their artwork. By making their own decisions on what they want to create and expressing what they are feeling/ thinking, they will become more confident in expressing their feelings. Also, the more they create artwork, the more confident they will become in their abilities to create different styles.  

Increases Academic Performance

Art provides children with reduced stress, increased confidence, and improved memory, core ingredients for academic success. A study of over 10,000 third through eighth-grade students found that enrolling students in arts programs improved test scores by 13%. As well it states that it also lowers disciplinary issues by 3.6%. Also, creating artwork increases the aspirations to go to college or university among children in primary school. 

Improves Motor Skills 

Creating art can drastically improve a child’s motor skills. Educators report that children are entering school with underdeveloped fine motor skills. Creative activities such as drawing are a fun and easy way to develop basic motor skills for younger children to function. Other activities, such as finger painting and cutting and gluing objects, can help children develop better coordination and agility. Other creative activities, such as threading beads and sculpting clay, can improve visual-spatial skills. On top of that, painting develops hand-eye coordination as the kids try to copy lines, shapes, and patterns. Overall, creating artwork is a great way to develop a child’s motor skills. 

Builds Connections To The World And People 

Art is a universal language that acts as a bridge to cultural awareness. Children do not need to know the artist directly to appreciate different illustrations from various places worldwide. When children begin to make artwork, they begin to get excited about others’ art to see if they share similar styles of creativity. Art can help create bonds with other children because they share identical art styles or are different, but they can be appreciated. Creating artwork in small group settings can develop collaboration and communication skills that are beneficial for building connections. Artwork can bring people closer together because everyone’s interests can differ, but they still appreciate everyone’s unique style. 

 Art Programs At LSA

At LSA, we have incredible arts programs for children of all ages! We have an excellent creativity-unleashed program that helps kids learn and develop skills within fundamental art forms. If you are interested in learning more, head to

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