The best jobs for creative people

The Best Jobs for Creative People

We believe school is incredibly important, but there is something to be said about the education system and how it limits a child’s natural creativity in some ways. Although school forces students to use critical thinking and logic, creativity is one area that our curriculum might overlook by nature. In our society, much attention is given to critical, logical and analytical thinkers. Creative thinkers are often neglected. However, in the current and future job market there are many opportunities available for creative people. If you are someone that wants to apply your creative mind and skills to your career, below are 4 of the best jobs for creative people. 



Marketing is a career that is very much in demand and will be for a long time with the rise of digital marketing. Someone that works in marketing promotes a company’s products or services to create demand and drive up revenue. To do so requires a creative mind that is able to come up with innovative growth strategies for a particular brand and its audience. A marketer will not only have to be a creative strategist, but creative when it comes to creating content whether it is written or visual. Part of marketing involves graphic design and copywriting. To create content that people want to consume and generate leads requires creative thinking.



Architecture is a rewarding career but does have lots of competition. Architects need strong drawing skills in order to design the construction of buildings. Construction is something that never stops and never will stop. There will always be new projects to work on. They work alongside civil engineers who are involved in all aspects of the construction phase as opposed to architects who are focused on the pre construction phase. This phase involves planning and designing a project. Whereas engineers are more concerned with the functionality and stability of a building, architects are more concerned with creating buildings that are aesthetically pleasing.


UX Designer

The demand for UX designers has increased steadily in recent years and is trending upwards. UX designers are those that help make a product/service accessible, easy to use, and appealing to the customer or client. UX designers are typically involved in all aspects of a product or service’s development. It is a field that requires a lot of market research to dive into the minds of users to figure out problems they might be facing and how they can be solved. A UX designer needs to be creative in how they perceive the user experience and come up with innovative ideas to improve it.


Art, Drama or Music Teachers

Although the job market can fluctuate, teaching is a career that is very much in demand. In Ontario, there is in fact a shortage of teachers as it currently stands. If you are someone that is very interested in the arts, consider teaching these subjects for a rewarding and stable career. Art teachers have the same role as other teachers except they get to teach about something they are heavily passionate about. They not only get to present and express their own artistic abilities but help to nurture a passion for art in their students.


Creativity Unleashed Classes

Now that you’ve learned about the best jobs for creative people, you must take steps to unleash all of your inner creativity! If you want to pursue a career that involves creativity and would like to maximize your creative potential, consider taking our “creativity unleashed” classes. We help students to unleash their creative nature and maximize their creative potential. Our classes are perfect for future marketers, graphic designers, architects, UX designers, art teachers and more! To learn more about our “creativity unleashed” classes and other in-school programs, click on the button below.


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